Enriching the Soul of Life

Enriching the Soul of Life

WOW! My first post on this new blog site!

I must admit I have procrastinated a little on this, I guess because I was trying to think of something to say that would be appropriate for a first post. I finally decided that no amount of swarming ideas around in my head was going to yield any great revelations. I just needed to take the first step, which is always the hardest. I suppose I am learning that it is better to to put something out there than to do nothing until it’s perfect.

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how this particular blog will evolve. I just know that I wonder about alot of things as I casually observe everyday living and draw analogies to the fruit of life. I suppose, to some degree, we all search for that sweet spot of life that so often eludes us. And I have found that drawing parallels of activities to living life at its fullest is a spectacular way to see the world in a new, enlightening way getting us one step closer to understanding ourselves, our Purpose and our lives.

So you might say this blog site is motivated by seeking self-discovery in the curiosity of life’s wonders. However it evolves, whatever it becomes, I hope that it will enrich your soul with exactly what you are seeking, exactly when you need it.

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