Free to Wonder

Free to Wonder

Well, I thought this poem was only appropriate to post on a blog called Life Wonderments!

I have discovered that feeling my feelings, as archaic as that may sound, is an important part of healing. My feelings about old wounds or past transgressions are not always pleasant, but stuffing them is even more unpleasant and the result certainly isn’t anything worth writing about.

The result of feeling my feelings is that I am left Free to Wonder, not worry.

I hope you enjoy this poem and that it inspires you in just the way you need.

Free to Wonder

Bask in wonder, not worry,
My Child.
Worry is for the meek,
Not Powerful.

Your Power comes through Me,
Nothing else.
Do not fall prey to the worldly ways—
Not long lasting.

My wish for You is to be Free
From burden.
They are unnecessary and stunt
The Tree of Your Life.

Your life is through Me.
Look to Me for Your Direction,
Your Power.
And You will be Free.

My wish for You…
To wonder, not worry.
Be Humble, and Powerful.
Submit, yet Guide.

All of these things You can Be
Through Me.
Wonder in Awe, Amazement.
No worries, just let them Be.

Go, My Child, live Life as You see,
Know it is through Me.
No thanks I require,
Only that You are Free,
To bask in the Light before Me.

Paradox it does seem,
But, no I Promise
It is not.
The Truth it is
As it always was.

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  1. Wandered back to the Piglet Paper today through the MRT link, taking a lunch minute at the desk today. I may only stray a little farther into the real (or unreal) world.

    I also enjoyed the poem and as Nan said, I enjoy what you have to share. My first thought is that there is probably more profit in song lyrics than in poetry contests 🙂 Do I have a greedy mind? More exposure, too. For all the greedy talk, I don’t seem to follow that up myself.

    On a more spiritual track, God thoughts seem to linger in my head when set to music. This poem brings to mind Third Day’s I’ve Always Loved You from their TIME album. It has made it into my prayer journal recently. God’s amazing love for us! What a concept.

    Love and prayers, j

  2. Good one, Lisa! You might think of entering some of your poetry in the various poetry contests. I think they are good enough to win.

    Thank you for sharing them, you are definitely growing. The more it is about God, the less it is about me – and that is what gives me serenity.

    Love and blessings, Nan

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