Be Just Me

Be Just Me

When I am feeling particularly uncomfortable in my own skin, I can reflect on this poem.

At the time I wrote it, I was coming to terms with the realization that it was ok to Be Just Me.

Be Just Me

I don’t know how to be just me,
Because I don’t know who I am.

Who I am deludes me
Through a cloud of illusions
That dilute me
From fulfilling my Destiny.

They shield me from the Sunshine,
That which I hold dear.
When I can see the light—
The light of my Destiny;
I feel guided and near.

It is in the darkness
That I feel so lost.
Yet it was from darkness that came light.

Keep on, my precious Soul,
For it is only through Discover
That you can Discard.
And only through Discard
That you can Do.

And when you can Do, my Soul
You can be Free—
Free to be just me.

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