Movement of Consciousness

Movement of Consciousness

One of my friends, Rick Morgan, made this comment on my post about Depression:

Now, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole… Many leading quantum physicists agree that there are an infinite number of parallel universes that exist in very close proximity, and that our consciousness exists in the universe that matches our vibrational frequency. I believe that we shift through these universes at will by changing our own vibration/emotional state. So, when I force myself to be happy and expect good things to happen for me and my family and friends, I’m actually shifting to a reality where those things exist. So, do you want the blue pill, or the red pill, Neo?

I thought the commentary was too good not to share and I suppose I feel like going down a rabbit hole this morning with deep thinking.  I have often pondered the probability of what he presents here and I am coming to the conclusion that, while it may defy logic, the experiences I’ve had support this theory to be true.

I frequently find myself vacillating between what feels like different worlds.  From all outward appearances, I am still present, but it’s like the inside of me has gone somewhere else.  “Lost in a daydream” does not quite describe the experience, although I do experience being momentarily lost in daydreams and I do think that is probably a “short trip” form of time travel.  What I thought was so striking about Rick’s comment was that it presents time travel as the movement of our consciousness, rather than our physical manifestations.  I think “time travel” as we define it here happens to us all the time as a very natural thing that occurs without our awareness.  I think we all experience it, we just label it as weird, freaky, unbelievable, unexplainable, coincidental, bizarre…anything but time travel!  Time travel seems to have acquired this taboo reserved exclusively for the mad scientist, not to mention the assumption that it must be our physical manifestations that travel, which of course, makes the whole deal very un-plausible, hence the madness!

Back in March 2006, a poem called “This World That” chased me down demanding to be written.  It was an explanation to my lover addressing his frustration with my attentiveness or lack of it.  It describes my vacillating between worlds and how he can tell it in my eyes. You can read it HERE. The movement of our consciousness between realities is not really paranormal, it is only perceived as paranormal because we put so much of our stock into only the things we can experience with our five senses.  What happened to the validity of our sixth sense?

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  1. That’s a very interesting question to ponder! Although I don’t see us every being able to validate any theories!

  2. Wow! I really like your poem. That poem sounds like something written by James Clark Maxwell (pioneer of Hyperdimensional Physics). It definitely captures the struggle we each face in trying to connect with our loved ones from another universe, so to speak. 🙂

    Do you suppose that’s how God feels about trying to communicate with us? Our consciousness may be anywhere once, but He’s everywhere at once.

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