Thoughts on Money and Time

Thoughts on Money and Time

I wonder if Time is still really money? I think it is, but to say “Time is money” sounds so absolute! I wonder how many times Time really passes this test? I also think Time is other things now, too–like creativity, for example. Being creative definitely consumes Time and when it is guided by inspiration, it’s that timeless kind of Time. Or what about soulful conversations? When we get lost in these kind of heartfelt, super-charged-relationship-changing kind of talks, doesn’t Time seem to be unimportant? When we are engrossed in our creativity or in the midst of a soulful talk, or knelt down in prayer, or deep in meditation–measures like the passage of Time or whether the Time is productive are insignificant details. What is really important is that our soul opens and is nourished.

So then what is money? Time (in theory) could be money. Creativity could be if the result is monetized. But soulful conversations, prayer and meditation miserably fail this test. We don’t engage in these things with the result of money in mind.

So maybe money is completely beside the point. Time is Creativity=TRUE. Time is Soulful Conversations=TRUE. Time is Prayer=TRUE. Time is Meditation=TRUE. Time is Money=SOMETIMES.

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