The Divinity of Do-Over’s

The Divinity of Do-Over’s

Recently, I crossed paths with a friend and we were talking about my recent blog post, The Reality of Perception.  As I was listening to her verbal commentary on the idea of creating your reality by taking responsibility for your perception, I heard myself say aloud “I know, it’s like we forget what we’ve already learned, like we fall asleep or something.”  And in that moment, a light bulb flickered on for me.  Our physical sleep/wake cycles are a metaphor for our spiritual sleep/wake cycles.  My frustrations with supposedly making no progress in certain areas of my life and the feeling of constant do-over’s was not some spiritual learning disability on my part, but rather it was the nature of the cycle of spiritual learning.

In the same way our physical bodies must have sleep so that we can experience “wake”, and we must have “wake” so sleep has purpose; new realizations about our personal life lessons only have meaning in the context of having had a period of “sleep”.  I have to keep “coming back” [to life] to remember what I already know!  Everything is always revealed in its divine timing. Sometimes I have heard the same thing from many different messengers before I finally “got it”.  It has nothing to do with the messenger whose message finally “sticks”.  They are just an instrument for the divine voice-mails I needed for that moment in time.  At that precise moment, I was capable of hearing and receiving my personal, divine messages, because everything that led up to that moment prepared me of being capable of recognizing something that rings as a personal truth for me.  Alas, a moment of clarity–a new realization, the finding of the puzzle piece for which I’ve been tirelessly searching!  And yet, as holds true to spiritual law, I will temporarily forget that moment of clarity until either that lessons cycles back around or I find myself in someone’s path that is in need of that morsel of clarity.  In sharing it with them, I am reinforcing my own spiritual learning.

Wow!  What grace!  And how about that for an answer to my frustration?!  Accept and embrace the nature of the process instead of participating in my own frustration by attempting to bend the natural course of a spiritual process to what I think I need.  The way I try to bend it is not really how I want it anyway.  I really like it better the way it is.  There is more grace in that.  It is the way it’s supposed to be.  We are all exactly where we are supposed to be, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, even if we don’t like it or understand why.  We all get to experience life through its lessons. Thank God for do-over’s!  Maybe now I can stop participating in retarding my own growth!

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