Gleaning Soul

Gleaning Soul

On the one hand, it is surprising to me when I look here and see my last post was over 5 months ago, but when I am really honest about it, it’s not surprising at all. The start- up of a new business is all the fuel this workaholic needs to be off and running, neglecting people that are important, all the while thinking someday I will get back to them.

I know in my heart “someday” never comes, but I still do it anyway, I suppose because I take life for granted and assume because I had a yesterday, I will have a tomorrow, too. It’s no wonder that I often feel off balance. I am usually straddled between yesterday or tomorrow, but very rarely in today.

Today, I am really disgusted with my workaholic habits. And it is usually in times of pain that poetic words come spilling out of me. This is what came out today. I hope it reminds you of what’s really important in your life!

Gleaning Soul

In my life, I have a part.
I have to start.

Laurels can be cushy,
But really they are pushy.
I think they guide me,
But, in truth, they chide me.

Are laurels of false making?
I think they are not for my taking.
Façade says I made them, though!
I want credit for the whole tow!

Who am I to make such demands,
When really they are of God’s hands?

My laurels are not mine.
They belong to God
Who gave me life
In His perfect time!

My soul—of God—will not strike.
It is humble.
It will wait ‘till it’s called to the pike.

The pike—where I run out of steam—
And God comes in to clean!
Here—at the pike—is where my Soul gleans!

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