Depth of Scale

Depth of Scale

The danger of not being or having gone very far down the scale is that it makes it easy to rationalize a continuance of what we were already doing, thereby perpetuating a longer stay in the neighborhoods of frustration, exhaustion, despair, difficulty, bewilderment and terror.  At best, we get a situational band-aid.

The danger of being or having gone far down the scale is the risk of getting stuck in a morass of self-pity so great that seeing any hope of a better life becomes impossible.

The grace in either is that our only hope for recovery from these experiences is assistance from God.

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  1. It is hard to keep it simple. Letting the squirrels in my head all go and not getting into the quagmire of deep thoughts. To sit quietly and wait for an intuitive thought or feeling. Knowing that grace is enough and Love is all.

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