This World That

This World That

This was the first poem I ever wrote in my whole life. I often will find solace in music and these words started coming to me as Ronn and I were making a road trip to San Antonio listening to music. It was a very strange feeling at first, to feel words coming out of me that I knew were not my own and feeling like I was going to bust at the seams if I didn’t pen them. Quick, Hurry, Get Paper was the only acceptable response. Demanding little things, they are! Really, though, this description does not do the experience justice, but it is the best I can do with the words I that come to mind right now! I hope you enjoy it!

Click This World That to read my first poem ever! ~Lisa

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  2. Nice, Lisa. You are so talented. Keep letting these things out…who knows where they will take you. Try haiku some time…it is quite a trip, too!

    Love and blessings…Nan