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The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife is a book that penetrates the deepest recesses of your soul. On the surface, it is a love story. But it is also a scientific inquiry, a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, a trashy novel, a page-turner, a tear-jerker.

You can’t read this book and not be changed forever in some way. It caused me to think deeply about the significance of my own life and the experience that it will leave in people’s memories long after I’m gone. It reminded me that time is so much of an illusion and that to ponder a 500-year plan is not unreasonable, since our legacies live well beyond our years, good, bad or both.

The whole of this book, as it presents the concept of time travel, is a metaphor for surrender, forgiveness and unconditional love. A good read for the both men and women.

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A Vow to My Partner

A Vow to My Partner

I will be mindful of the act of loving you every day of my life.

I will keep my eyes open to the treasure that you are, allowing room for your individuality and your own uniqueness.

I will embrace all of you, the dark parts along with the light, because together, those parts create the being that I love.

I will accept you, respect you and admire you, and if something comes between us to make me stumble with this, I will go to you and ask your help with my struggle.

When I’m hurt, I will believe in your love for me; I will bring you my hurt, and together we will grow from it and put it aside.

Together we will work, we will play, we will laugh, we will grieve and we will find our way.

Together we will live gratitude.

Together we will touch love.