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  1. Hello Lisa,

    I wanted to personally commend you on your gift to weave words into such insightfully thoughtful pieces.

    Please accept this as a personal invitation to view my site, The Ironhorse Writer – American Biker Poet. Over 30 years of riding and writing of the Biker lifestyle upon the asphalt range.

    I’ve had the honor of being featured within several national motorcycle publications as well as being one of several speakers featured during the 9-11 remembrance held at Crissy Field in San Francisco. Two of my pieces, “That Day” as well as “Three Hundred Forty-Three” were read to those gathered. Most recently, I had the honor of being appointed Biker Poet Laureate, to serve from August 2007 to August 2008. Incidentally, August is officially Biker Poetry Month.

    The popularity of Biker Poetry is growing as is evident with the increasing venues offering its unique perspective of the Biker lifestyle. I invite you to Google either Biker Poetry, Biker Poets or Biker Poems.

    Biker Poetry, to me, is a natural offshoot of a long standing, much loved American tradition, Cowboy Poetry…Albeit upon a Steel Steed.

    Although “Biker” in nature, my work does not reflect the mainstream, stereotypical view of what is generally perceived of those, “In the Wind.” I pride myself in presenting pieces that can actually be read to the entire family. What you will find within are straight from the heart experiences from yours truly, offered in story teller fashion, so as to unfurl the road ahead, and hopefully, your imagination.

    Around each bend, within each town, a story awaits to be told. Read what Bikers are riding about.

    Be safe, be righteous

    Laurence P Scerri (Larry)
    Ironhorse Writer
    American Biker Poet Laureate

    Ironhorse Writer – American Biker Poet

    “Spread the ‘ridden’ word”